Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Excellence in ROV Engineering Since 1982

Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Excellence in ROV Engineering Since 1982

Who We Are

Deep Ocean Engineering started as a small engineering company in 1982 and has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of sophisticated ROV systems being used in the field worldwide. Based in the Silicon Valley, CA, we continue to build, design, and manufacture the highest quality ROV systems in the world. Here at Deep Ocean Engineering, we are able to accommodate all of your ROV and USV needs encompassing sales, service, production, instruction and installation of the most advanced systems in the world. We've got you covered above and below the surface. Let us know what you want to accomplish and we can help!

Meet the Deep Ocean Team

Join the Team

Deep Ocean Engineering Inc. is always looking for experienced people with ROV and Ocean Survey backgrounds to join us. If you are interested in a position at Deep Ocean Engineering Inc., contact us at Deep Ocean Engineering Inc. offers excellent benefits which include 401(k),medical/dental insurance, company paid life insurances, and educational assistance. Deep Ocean Engineering Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Robert Sabo


For 35 years, as part of Silicon Valley's technology scene, Bob held manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and senior management positions in the semiconductor, defense electronics, geophysical instrument, and marine electronics sectors. In his spare time you'll find Bob either on the amateur radio bands, sport shooting, or ballroom & tap dancing with his wife and daughter.


Raul Enrique Pena

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Raul Enrique Pena is Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. Raul brings an in-depth knowledge of sales, channel management, business development and marketing from his successful career in telecom and tech, having worked in both start-up and established organizations. He has conducted business world-wide, including Latin America, Europe and Asia, with a focus on building high-performance sales channels both domestically and internationally. Raul earned two bachelors degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and his MBA from San Diego State University.


Mike Takeda

VP, Operations

Mike brings with him nearly 8 years of experience working with ROVs, holding various positions within Deep Ocean since 2006. With a Bachelors degree in Finance, he began working at Deep Ocean in the sales and marketing department before transitioning to operations. He oversaw production as Production Manager but today he has come back full circle to the sales and marketing team. He values customer service and is looking forward to serving our customers.


John D. Bergman

Vice President of Engineering

John began his career at DOE as a Senior Electronics Engineer in 1996, providing system designs, project management, field training and support for DOE's high-end, custom undersea robotics programs and products.

Before diving into the world of undersea robotics, he worked in the field of advanced aerospace materials research and development where he formulated a revolutionary material, a closed cell expandable syntactic epoxy, which is now patented and marketed worldwide as SYNSPAND™ by the Loctite Corporation. This material is used in the world record holding GE90 jet engine, achieving a single engine thrust of 117,000 lbs.

Mr. Bergman holds U.S. Patents for both laser and ultrasonic instrumentation for biomedical and meteorological applications. He has worked with Nobel Laureate Glenn Seaborg to write a Graphical User Interface (GUI) control system for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator's new on-line mass spectrometer while integrating precision monitor and control electronics for stabilization of its magnetic and electric fields. Outside of his duties at DOE, he maintains the position of CEO of CyVect Robotics LLC, founding the company to deliver the latest advances in electronic and mechanical technologies to selected undersea markets.

B.S. Physics with a Concentration in Astrophysics, requirements completed with honors. He was a member and Captain of the 1988 United States Olympic Team. Former aircraft owner and pilot. Code: C3-66 -2-7