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The Phantom ® L-Series is an inspection-class underwater remotely operated vehicle, designed for use in numerous applications across a spectrum of industries. The Phantom ® L6 is designed with four vectored horizontal and two vertical Tecnadyne ® thrusters, which provide significant control and propulsion in current.

Applications for the L-Series include military/homeland security, law enforcement, science, municipalities, oil and gas, surveying, dam and infrastructure inspections, and cinematography

Phantom L6 ROV


The advanced technology of the Phantom® L-Series platform offers powerful maneuverability and lift, incorporates an open architecture to integrate a wide variety of sensors, and is hand-built on a rugged, resilient, non-corroding polypropylene chassis that can accommodate heavier payloads.

Phantom L6 ROV

Blue View BV5000

Edge Tech USBL

881A Sonar

LED Lights

High lumen output on tilting mechanism with camera.

HD Camera

High resolution for optimum video quality.

Polypropylene Frame

Resilient polypropylene frame.

Protective Covers

Protective covers house electric bottles, cables, and additional floatation if needed.

Brushless Thrusters

Powerful magnetically coupled brushless thrusters.

  • Salient Features
  • Hardware & Software
  • Options available
  • Thrusters
  • Weight & Size
  • Additional Information

Salient Features

  •  Powerful maneuverability and lift
  •  Incorporates an open architecture
  •  Integrates with a wide variety of sensors
  •  Hand-built on a rugged, resilient, non-corroding polypropylene chassis
  •  Chassis accommodates heavier payloads
  •  One-year manufacturer’s warranty

Hardware and Software

  •  HD camera
  •  LED lighting
  •  Auto heading
  •  Auto depth
  •  Control console and power unit
  •  300m copper umbilical

Options available

  •  Upgraded umbilicals
  •  Cameras
  •  Lights
  •  Multi-beam scanning sonars
  •  Manipulators
  •  GPS, INS, DVL and navigational software


  Configuration 4 vectored horizontal, 2 vertical
  Forward Thrust 68.0kgf (151 lb)
  Lateral Thrust 39.0kgf (87 lb)
  Vertical Thrust 49.0kgf ( 108 lb)
  Thrusters Magnetically-coupled brushless thrusters
  Speed at Surface 3.0 knots

Weight & Size

  Depth rating 500 meters (1640 ft.); 800 meters optional
  Length 1066.8 mm (42 in)
  Width 800.1 mm (31.5 in)
  Height 571.5 mm (22.5 in)
  Weight in air 97.5 kg (215 lbs.)

Additional Information

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