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The Phantom® S-Series is a portable, high-performance ROV that combines superior power, telemetry, and payload with ease of use, ruggedness and reliability. It can be configured with six or eight magnetically-coupled brushless Tecnadyne® thrusters to provide agressive lift capabilities at depths up to 1,000m. It delivers a powerful overall performance envelope and versatility compared to other inspection-class vehicles. It is designed for applications across a spectrum of industries, and even in the harshest of conditions.


The advanced technology of the Phantom® S-Series ROV platform offers powerful maneuverability and lift, incorporates an open architecture to integrate a wide variety of sensors, and is hand-built on a rugged, resilient, non-corroding polypropylene chassis that can accomodate heavier payloads.

Phantom S5 ROV

Brushless Thrusters

Powerful magnetically coupled brushless thrusters.

Protective Covers

Protective covers house electric bottles, cables, and additional floatation if needed.

HD Camera

High resolution for optimum video quality.

LED Lights

LED Lights - Flood or Spot.

Open Frame Design

Open frame design allows a multitude of 3rd party integrations and configurations.

Polypropylene Frame

Resilient polypropylene frame.


Manipulator or tooling skid added easily as an option.

  • Salient Features
  • Application
  • Hardware & Software
  • Thrusters
  • Weight & Size
  • Specifications

Salient Features

  •  Superior power, payload, and telemetry
  •  Depth rated up to 1,000 meters
  •  Easy to use and maintain
  •  Rugged and reliable
  •  Cost-effective and portable
  •  More versatile than other vehicles of its class
  •  Black polypropylene, non-conductive / non-corroding frame


  •  Pipeline inspection, routing, and survey
  •  Energy: hydroelectric dams, offshore wind turbines, oil & gas pipelines
  •  Infrastructure: visual leak detection, ultrasonic thickness detection, cathodic protection probe, flooded member detector
  •  Area mapping, seismic survey research, seabed sample collection
  •  Science: archaeology, geology, biology studies
  •  Drill support

Hardware and Software

  •  Tilt assembly with LED lighting and camera
  •  On Screen Display - color text and graphics overlay
  •  Graphical User Interface
  •  Dual Joysticks - forward, reverse, lateral, vertical.
  •  2 LED lights of 30,000 lumens on fully dimmable circuits
  •  Navigation with auto heading and a stabilization pilot assist function
  •  Umbilical of 1000 meters standard length


  Configuration 4-Vectored Horizontal Thrusters, 2-Vertical (optional 2 aft for the S8)
  Forward Thrust 165kgf (364lbs) (S6) / 260kgf (574lbs) (S8)
  Reverse Thrust 157kgf (346lbs) (S6) / 248kgf (546lbs) (S8)
  Lateral Thrust 91kgf (200lbs) (S6) / 91kgf (200lbs) (S8)
  Vertical Thrust 92kgf (202lbs) (S6) / 92kgf (202lbs) (S8)
  Thrusters 1.5 hp Tecnadyne magnetically-coupled brushless

Weight & Size

  Weight 295kg (650lbs) (S6) / 313kg (690lbs) (S8)
  Length 1360mm (53.5 in)
  Width 860mm (33.9 in)
  Height 740mm (29.0 in)


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Download PDF for S Series Download PDF for S6 Download PDF for S8