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Who We Are

Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. provides integrated robotic solutions and products for various underwater applications in diverse and harsh operating environments. We design, build and test all our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) at our plant in Silicon Valley, California, USA. For over thirty years, we have provided more than 600 ROV systems in over thirty countries worldwide supporting operations in scientific research, education, offshore oil and gas, fisheries, broadcast filming, nuclear inspection, military, security, law enforcement and many more. Our latest line of innovative products includes unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) which will continue our tradition and commitment of quality, excellence and service.

We are the proud recipient of the Marine Technology Society’s Compass Award for our “Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of the Science and Engineering of Oceanography and Marine Technology”.

We are committed to provide quality products and reliable services to our customers. Many of our first generation products from over 20 years ago are still in the fields today and we continue to service these products with great pride.

We look forward to serving you in your future explorations.